Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day

Happy three day weekend! Jeff went to San Antonio to see his old roomies for a few days, and I am hanging in there with the kiddos. Yesterday Allison, Hudson and Baby Harper came over to play, and today we all went to the mall and hung out. Thanks for making the day go by faster guys!!!

A few random things...

1. The really, really, hip, trendy, eccentric girl at the M.A.C counter told me I had on cool shoes. I kinda feel cool now! :)

2. I love a good labor day sale.

3. Cookies are a magic tool that can be used when you want to shop in more than one store with two children.

4. When Jeff is out of town I do not cook. Looks like we will have pizza for the next 4 meals! :) (corn free pizza of course.)

5. Last night we watched "The Pickup Artist" on VH1. You should go check it out if your into watching people publicly humiliate themselves on national TV... it's really a good laugh!

Well, that's all for now. I wanted to post because I knew you were all getting tired of looking at that horrible picture!

Here is a better one...


Anonymous said...

CUTE Pictures! And I am NOT biased!
I am head over heels for my grandkids!

Nana Sara

Allison said...

HEY! Thanks for spending 2 whole afternoons with us last week!! We LOVED IT! I especially loved being out of the house. Sorry Harper was not cooperating too well for us!

I think I am going to try and tackle the mall again tomorrow. :) How does Thurs. sound for this week??

OH, and love the new look of your blog! Cute!

ABL said...

I much prefer the new pictures to the one in the post before. I'm glad you survived your weekend without Jeff!