Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun, fun, and more fun!!!

Today was my first day back at Women's Bible study. I signed up to do a study on prayer... should be interesting. Both of the munchkins had a great time in there classes. Claire was SO excited about seeing Luke during the praise portion of there classes. As far as I can decipher all of the classes converge to sing fun songs. Claire was beside herself because of the fact that Luke got to be there too. TOO CUTE!
After class we met KJL and his Mommy at Chick- fil- a, and then we loaded all of the car seats in Allison's car. Let me just tell you what an amazing friend Allison is... She took both kids for the whole rest of the day, just so that I could have a little down time for myself. Not only did I have a great time, but I think the kids had even more fun! They went to the park, and even got to go swimming! Here are some sweet pictures of the kiddos having a blast.

Thanks for such an amazing day Allison!

Playing in the water
Riding to the park!

Isn't this a fun picture? I love it!
These guys will grow up being best buds! (they were born only 3 days apart!)
Trying to sneak in a quick nap...

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