Friday, January 20, 2006

I did it!

I had my AFP blood test this morning. I layed down, held out my arm and didn't pass-out! Yeah me! Claire was good too... she just sat and watched! I scheduled my ultra-sound for February 3. That should be the day that we find out the sex... if the deuce is cooporating. Wait... have i posted about that? Jeff likes to call this baby "Deuce". I can't remember the exact reason why. Ask him... i'm sure he would love to tell you. You want to hear something else that will make you laugh? The other day when I posted about Claire getting mascara all over the carpet Jeff decided he would post a comment. He had never commented on my blog before, so while going through the set up process he saw that you can link your name to a website. Being the funny guy that he is, he linked a "" to his name just to be funny. He didn't look up the website before posting, but went to it after the fact. Come to find out it was a very explicit, nasty website! This is why I did not give you the phrase that he used! So, after I frantically stepped him through how to remove his post we had a good laugh! Lesson: NEVER type in random phrases on the internet without first checking them out! Even if they do sound innocent... you never know what you will find! YIKES!


sarah said...

now thats funny! I'm sure glad Jeff has you

Holly O'Quinn said...

That's hilarious! Oh the dirt you must have on him! Ha!